Coppersmith’s products

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Coppersmith’s products

Coppersmith’s products

A traditional part of the Company production program is manufacturing out of copper:

  • Boilers for grower and fruit distilleries
  • Copper vessels and parts
  • Copper lining of boiler vessels
  • Copper boiler models
  • Decoration covers above restaurant taproom

We also offer special work, like soldering of brass by technical silver or tin, tin surface finishing and a unique technology of welding: copper – stainless steel. The copper products are custom made with few exceptions.


Some references

Finland, Lahti
440 гл/год
Put into operation 2011 г.

Baku – Azerbajdžán

Azerbaijan - Baku
15.000 hl/year

Put into operation: 2010

Uralsk – KazachstánKazakhstan - Uralsk
1.000 hl/year

Put into operation: 2008

TjumeňRussia - Tjumen
5.000 hl/year

Put into operation: 2008

Meždurečensk – RuskoRussia - Mezhdurecensk
1.500 hl/year

Put into operation: 2007

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