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DESTILA, s.r.o. is a company specialized in individual and small-lot machinery production. The production is based on custom manufacturing represented by skilled work within the area of equipment designed mainly for small or medium scale food industry facilities, breweries and distilleries.

The coppersmith and metal founding firm Indra, founded in 1875, can be considered DESTILA's predecessor. This firm passed through several complicated stages of development. During the World War II it had been separated into two subjects which were nationalized at the end of 1945. On the basis of the initiative of the employees, who were afraid of further development of both firms, a co-operative called DESTILA was established in 1946. It was registered on 24th March 1947 and associated 23 founder members.

The fundamental manufacturing program included the production of equipment designed for food industry, distilleries and sugar factories. After 1948 DESTILA integrated with other small companies with similar manufacturing program. Thus the structure and size of the co-operative changed. There were about ten workshops in Brno and its surroundings in the early 50's of the last century. Also the assortment increased as well as the number of co-operative members (68) and workers (156).

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In 1951, the co-operative was registered in the Companies Register. Due to legislative changes each co-operative worker became its member and thus the amount of 158 members was reached. In this period DESTILA started the construction of several new plants and integrated within the nation-wide structure of industrial co-operatives, reaching an important position from the very beginning.

In 1957, the production of central and individual heating started as well as the production of coal steel boilers and tubular central heating bodies.

In 1959, DESTILA merged with a grey-iron foundry situated in Slavkov u Brna and a pressing shop in Vyškov. In the same year the production of powder filters with vertical frames made of metal fabric also started; they were made of phosphor bronze at first and of stainless materials since 1961.

In 1961, DESTILA integrated with Pekastroj co-operative and simultaneously also separated from the plant in Svitavy due to the new arrangement of regional districts. This year the co-operative also starts the production of baking industry machines.

In 1964, the number of the co-operative members reached 600. In this year the production of convection heating bodies started. The design of boilers was improved - simultaneously with central heating they heated potable water for households.

In 1969, the first powder filters with horizontal circular filtering screens were manufactured including own transport pumps. Also the first semi-automatic gas boiler was produced; its automatic version was placed on market in 1971.

In 1972, DESTILA started the production of first powder kieselguhr filters with cylindrical filtering elements (candles) arranged vertically. This was the beginning of gradual development of complete series of SUF filters. For many years those filters represented the principal manufacturing program of the co-operative within filtering technologies. An up-dated version of these filters with slot-type filtering candles, identified FKS, has been produced since the early 90's until today.

In 1975, the production of DP boilers with own steel heat exchangers started. The updated DPL version with some modifications has been produced since 1989.

In 1993, first brew houses for mini-breweries were produced. In the same year the production of mobile powder filters with horizontal screens for mini-breweries, DNF and DHF series, started.

In 1995, the production of suspension gas boilers DPZ started; in 1998 it was the modernized Tango version.

In 1996, the production of DPE gas boilers with Italian made cast-iron heat exchangers started. The first complete mini-brewery was delivered in 1997. In 1998, successful reconstruction of grower distilleries equipment was performed and beside the set with a primary and rectification distilling vessels, also the production of distilling apparatuses with a primary distilling vessel and a rectification column started.

In spite of the fact that DESTILA produced different equipment for distilleries during the years, mainly distilling columns and tanks, the first complete distilling plant, capacity 600 l a.a./24 hrs, was not produced until 2000.

During the second half of the 90's the deliveries of complete mini-breweries increased step-by-step and after 2000 this manufacturing program became dominant within the structure of production. Due to the skills obtained, as well as to the results and permanent demand on the market, the offer has increased, resulting in deliveries of industrial mini-breweries of annual capacity ranging from 10.000 to 40.000 hl. After 2000, DESTILA starts to develop a propagation station for the yeast propagator producing pure yeast culture of beer yeast, a yeast storage house and a CIP station for big industrial breweries.

DESTILA, as one of the traditional European kieselguhr filters manufacturers, offers small mesh filters of filtration area 0,5 – 4 m² and candle filters, filtration area 6 – 100 m². A new stage of powder filters development is represented by special kieselguhr filters for secondary filtration enabling catching biological microorganisms in beer and thus significantly increase its biological stability.

Distilling industry equipment is an important part of DESTILA's manufacturing program. Grower distilleries and fruit distilleries for the production of fruit distillate are dominant within this area. Two types of equipment are offered. It is a traditional distillation unit with primary and rectification distilling vessels and an up-to-date unit with a primary distilling vessel and a three-tray rectification column. Both the types are manufactured for primary vessels of 150, 300 and 600 l capacity. Nevertheless distillation apparatus with different arrangement can be offered.

An interesting program of brewery and distillery equipment combination becomes the development and delivery of vacuum distillation equipment which eliminates alcohol from beer decreasing its volume to the amount less than 0,04%. High-quality beer distillate is a by-product. Such equipment was delivered to the Černá Hora Brewery at the beginning of 2007.

Machines for dough kneading and dividing became the pilot program for baking industry machines. The kneading machines have been radically innovated recently and a new type series, capacity 25, 50 and 80 kg of kneaded dough, have been created. It is completed with an older type kneading machine, capacity 100 kg of dough.

The gas boilers manufacturing program is represented by the DPL Automatic type series with a welded steel heat exchanger. Due to their reliability, the boilers have become a permanently demanded article.

The production of pressure and non-pressure stainless steel vessels and other individually ordered products are considered an important part of the manufacturing program.

DESTILA's manufacturing program also includes copper products. Besides copper boilers for distilleries, special orders of copper vessels or their parts are accepted.

Within the last ten years DESTILA has significantly consolidated the position on foreign markets. 25 – 30% of the total amount of jobs is exported. The most important deliveries are heading to Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Peru and other countries.

Since 1st May 2007, when the number of the co-operative members decreased to the limit stipulated by Law, the legal form has changed and DESTILA co-operative has been transformed to a limited liability company.


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20. 04. 2015

We have obtained Certificate for welding process

Our company defended the Certificate for the welding process. Certificate is valid until July 18, 2018.

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