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In case you distribute beer or other beverages to other restaurants in KEG barrels  you need KEG barrel washer.

KEG washer
  • Description of the equipment

    The washer is connected with

    • a pressure hose to a compressed air supply,
    • pressure water inlet,
    • and CO2 inlet.

    Its waste outlet is led to the operator’s waste system via a hose.

    A sanitizing solution is fed from the central tank through a sanitation pipeline and is drained with a hose into the KEG washer. It can also be prepared by diluting and stirring directly in the washer.

    The KEG washer is connected to the electricity mains by a cable of the corresponding length and cross-section located in a protective tube.

  • Technical parameters

    Total tank volume:

    97 liters

    Operating volume of sanitizing solution in the tank:

    55 liters (max)

    Main dimensions:


    - width A:

    1550 mm

    - height B:

    900 mm

    - depth C:

    480 mm

    Minimum operating area:

    3 x 2 m

    Minimum operating area height:

    2.5 m

    Weight (without sanitizing solution):

    100 kg

    Designed washing output:

    8-10 barrels/hour

    Water operating pressure:

    4+-0,2 bar

    Air operating pressure:

    4+-0,2 bar

    Installed power consumption:

    5 kW

    Electrical voltage:

    3AC+N+PE 400V/230V/50Hz TN-S


    IP 54

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