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The OLM 4 Ti volume alcohol meter is a small-volume measuring instrument with a measuring chamber of 1 liter. It is intended for measuring the volume of flowing alcohol by means of a flow meter with a volume of 4 liters and a numeric counter.

This measuring instrument is suitable for use in grower distilleries and smaller distilleries.


  • All of the parts of the meter that come into contact with the alcohol are made of stainless steel - ČSN 17241;
  • the whole casing and all other parts are stainless steel;
  • foreign material or impurities cannot penetrate the meter;
  • the alcohol meter meets all of the technical conditions, the conditions of reliability, durability and suitability of the materials used according to Act 22/1997 Coll. on the technical requirements for the products;
  • the alcohol meter is supplied with a certificate issued by CMI;
  • a Declaration of Conformity is also issued for the meter.
OLM 4 Ti volume alcohol meter
  • Basic technical data

    Measuring box volume

    1 liter

    Barrel volume

    4 liters

    Bowl volume

    1 cm³

    Alcohol flow volume indicator

    Numerical counter

    Operating temperature range

    0-50° C

    Alcohol flow indicator


    Operating flow

    0.5 - 3 l per min

    Collection vessel for direct inspection

    8.0 l

    Collector vessel for higher control

    12.0 l


    0.2 – 0.25 l

    Left and right insert vessel

    0.5 l

    Maximum thermometer

    0 to +100°C

    Weight of measuring instrument

    76 kg

    Main dimensions

    Ø 500mm x 1250mm

  • Highest permittable alcohol discharge error

    - at a flow of up to 1 l


    - at a flow of up to 2 l


    - at a flow of up to 3 l


    Operating flow

    0.5 - 3 l per min

  • Downloadable files

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