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Propagation stations

Propagators for small and large breweries for reliable protection against yeast infection.

Yeast plants

Brewery yeast storage facilities for all sizes and categories of breweries.

Copper and stainless steel products

Boilers for grower distilleries, copper bath linings and decorative elements. Production and repair of pressure vessels, heating bundles for heaters and radiators.

Exhibitions 2019

Danubius GastroSlovakia - Bratislava24.1. - 27.1.
Beviale Moscow 2019Russia - Moscow19.2. - 21.2.
EuroGastro 2019Polska - Warsawa27.3. - 29.3.
Pivnaja jarmarkaRossia - Novosibirsk10.4. - 12.4.
PIVO 2019Russia -  Sochi21.5. - 24.5.
Brau BevialeGermany - Nurnberg12.11.-14. 11.