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It will keep the beer production equipment perfectly clean.

The CIP sanitation station is to  ensure the beer production equipment and piping are perfectly clean. It assures the preparation of sanitation solutions, heating them to the required temperature and cleaning the whole minibrewery.

We can modify the CIP to meet the needs of your minibrewery. 

  • we supply vessels for preparation and storage of sanitation solutions with or without heating, equipped with separate circulation pump for micro and mini breweries;
  • pump for reversible sanitazing solution is involved in the micro and mini breweries equipment;
  • for small industrial breweries, we supply multi vessel CIP stations, meeting the highest requirements for sanitazing and disinfection in food industry.


  • equipped with a circulating pump including pump for dosing of concentrated solutions;
  • heating system;, which is secured by thermal steam exchanger, is regulated automatically;
  • it allows the use of acidic and basic detergents or peroxyacetic acid based disinfectants (Persteril);
  • it can be controlled by using a control panel or can operate in semi-automatic mode.
Sanitation station (CIP)

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