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You will be no longer dependent on beer yeast supplier!

DESTILA propagation stations are specialized in medium and large industrial breweries which need to ensure a pure culture of brewer’s yeast with a stable quality for their beer production.

A propagation station is a device in which the pure culture of brewer’s yeast is propagated under sterile conditions. Thanks to them, you can create your own yeast cells. There is no risk of buying infected yeast and you will not be dependent on suppliers and competitors.

The basic conditions of the promotional station are:

  • pure laboratory yeast culture;
  • sterile wort of the corresponding quality (as a substrate for the growth of the pure culture).


  • you will have beer yeast with stable quality and as much as you need;
  • you will not have to use older generation of yeast in your tanks, the station can be equipped so that the used wort, which does not have the necessary parameters, cleans and sterilize itself;
  • a UV lamp can be used to sterilize the necessary water and air;
  • we supply the station with an appropriate CIP station.

The propagation station was developed in our company in 2000. It works successfully in the Žatec brewery in the Czech Republic and in the Bauska brewery in Lithuania

  • Basic equipment
    • Wort Sterilizer

      A pressurized stainless-steel tank with insulation is provided with duplicators for heating and cooling.

      • Saturated steam is required for heating (pressure 2 bars).
      • For cooling of sterile wort water is used first, then glycol – 4°C.

      The tank includes the necessary accessories.

      A tangential jet with a nozzle and connection to a circulating pump makes it possible to use the container as a churner for cleaning wort from sludge and other mechanical impurities, the presence of which interferes with the process of yeast propagation in the propagator.

    • Propagator
      Isolated pressurized stainless-steel tank with duplicator for cooling, including accessories.
    • Connection panel

      It is used to set up individual pipeline routes for filling, emptying and sanitizing individual propagation station and fermentation tanks.

      The panel also has a UV lamp (output 10m3 / h-1) for sterilized compressed air and the final rinsing water entering the sanitation system.

    • Pipeline connection, aeration of wort and pump

      It is used to connect the propagator to the sterilizer and sanitation station. It is equipped with the following:

      • aeration cartridge installed in the pipeline at the outlet of the sterilizer behind the circulating pump,
      • tangential flow nozzle for stirring the cooled sterile wort and subsequent cooling of the wort to promote sedimentation of impurities and cold sludge.

      The pipeline is equipped with a circulating pump (output Q 1200l h-1, H 20) which is designed for:

      • pumping wort between the propagator and sterilizer
      • and for mixing the wort in the sterilizer during its sterilization.
    • Electrical equipment, control and regulation

      Electrical switchboard connected to the control panel, where all control, regulation and signaling elements are located.

      Automatic functions based on preselected parameters:

      • heating of sterilized wort;
      • cooling of individual tanks;
      • aerating of fermented wort in the propagator;
      • sensing the level in the individual tanks.
    • Supporting frame
      The propagation station is located on a supporting frame.
    • CIP stations

      CIP stations are made up of two tanks:

      • First insulted stainless-steel with heating (either steam exchanger or electrical supply) and temperature control for alkaline sanitation, including the required fittings.
      • Second stainless-steel tank without heating for acidic sanitation, including the required fittings.

      The CIP station is further equipped with:

      • a stainless-steel circulation pump for the dispensing of sanitizing solutions (H 30 m, Q 1500 l h-1) into the washing heads in the propagation station and fermentation tanks,
      • a stainless-steel circulating pump for return sanitation (H 25m, Q 1200 l h-1), / cold and hot water inlet,
      • The water is used to rinse the pipes between the individual sanitizing and disinfection steps. The water pipe is connected to a UV lamp.
  • Optional accessories
    • Fermentation tank (RT)
      Stainless steel pressure vessel with insulation, equipped with refrigeration duplicator and temperature control of fermentation process in RT including accessories.
    • Carlsberg bottle
      A special container for the transport of clean laboratory cultures, from a container inoculated with a pure yeast culture propagator. Volume: 15 l
    • Modified 20 l KEG
      The modified KEG replaces the Carlsberg bottle. It is a stainless-steel pressure vessel for transporting clean laboratory culture. From the vessel, the propagator with a pure yeast culture is inoculated. Volume: 20 l
    • Portable oximeter
      Used to measure dissolved O2 in the wort used to fill the propagator and fermentation tanks.

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