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Small industrial breweries produce 20 - 60 hl of beer in a single batch. You can provide high-quality quality barrel or bottled beer for your network of restaurants, shops or a smaller region.

The concept of small industrial breweries is based on the restaurant minibrewery, but it responds to the fundamental differences, especially in the demand for the lowest possible production costs, longer shelf-life of the beer, more processed raw materials and production waste, more demanding beer dispatch, higher automation requirements and reliability of the production process.

he industrial brewery is equipped with:

  • two or more vessel brew kettles with steam heating system;
  • CKT tanks, possibly with fermentation tanks/lager tanks or UNI tanks for classical production according to brew kettles performance;
  • all necessary peripherals and accessories designed for a particular industrial brewery;
  • an excellent candle kieselguhr filter with possibility of adding another stabilizer dispenzer for  colloidal stabilization of beer, what is essential in case you need beer to last for months.
Small industrial breweries

The first industrial brewery was supplied to Mongolia in 1997.

By the end of 2016, we had supplied 10 small industrial breweries to Russia, half of which were so popular that we additionally increased their construction. 

In 2012, we supplied small industrial breweries to Poland and in 2011 and 2015 we also supplied two small industrial breweries to the Czech Republic.

Technical details

  • Accessories
  • Composition, layout
    • Preparation of malt grist – dual-roll grinding mill, scales, hoppers and conveyors for the malt and grist.
    • Dual-tank boiler block and wort cooling – wort mash pan, decanter, churner, multi-tank brewers have a separate mashing vessel and wort collector. Single-stage or dual-stage wort cooling, condenser or steamers, pumps, aeration cartridge. The brewer is steam-fired – the steam is produced in an electrical or gas steam generator.
    • Hot water management - hot water tank, hot water pump.
    • Yeast management - Vessel for non-pressurized, stable and cooled yeast, mobile dispensing pressure vessel.
    • Open fermentation vats or fermentation tanks or cylindroconical tankslager tanks + mobile pump.
    • Filtration and bottling tanks – beer filtersbottling (pressure) tanks.
    • Washing and filling KEG barrels - Semi-automatic KEG barrel dishwasher, manual KEG barrel filler.
    • Sanitation CIP station (lye, acid), sanitation pump.
    • Compressor station – compressor, oil and moisture separator, microbial air filter, carbon filter.
    • Cooling, ice water preparation - cooling unit, propylene glycol coolant -4 ° C, evaporator, ice water tank, ice water pump.
    • Piping systems – stainless-steel piping (product), plastic piping (water, refrigerant), hoses, fittings, other connecting and mounting material.
    • Electrical installations - main switchboard, control panels for the individual devices, electric cables, other electrical material installations, control unit + control panel, possibility of semi-automatic or manual control of batch production process and beer fermentation.
  • Consumption of raw materials

    Approximate consumption of raw materials per 100 liters of 12° Czech-type beer:

    Malt (kg)


    Hops (kg)


    Kieselguhr for filtration (kg)


    Water for technological purposes incl. washing the equipment (m3)


  • Production capacity

    The annual output of the brewery is determined by the volume of the CC tanks (tank where the main fermentation and aging of the beer take place). In the future, you can easily expand the brewery output by purchasing these tanks.

    Annual production capacity (v liters)

    Volume of a single batch (in liters)

    1 100 000 – 2 000 000

    2 500

    1 200 000 – 4 000 000

    3 000

  • Brewer fuel
    Steam – the steam is produced in an electrical or gas steam generator (used in brewers from 2 000 to 3 000 liters).
  • Assembly and putting into operation

    We can put together a functional technological brewery unit for your needs. We actively cooperate with the designer of the building.

    Our technicians will prepare the most suitable layout of the vessels at your premises. We organize our own equipment delivery, assembly, putting into operation, servicing and staff training. We will perform an initial inspection of the supplied pressure vessels.

    All we need from the customer is to supply electricity and water.

  • Brewer design

    Depending on the style of the restaurant, the brewer can be made from stainless-steel or coated with copper. The equipment can be operated behind glass directly in the restaurant.

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